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We have worked in both private consultancies and in local authorities. This gives us the advantage of a deeper understanding of the processes within the different setups and help us deliver a tailored service to your requirments.

Haibat Abro

Hayden Tuck

Hayden has 20 years’ experience in the Transport and Civil Engineering field.

From General Manager of a Civil Construction company in Newzealand, poacher turned gamekeeper on moving to London, he has worked as resident engineer on large public realm schemes. Later shifted across to programme management with scheme design on Road Safety, 20mph Zones, Cycling, Buses and Public Realm and community lead Schemes progressing to Principal Transport Engineer and Transportation Engineering Manager.

Progressign further, he became Estates and Development Manager providing advice and technical review to developers S278/38 ensuring schemes are designed/constructed to adoptable standards. Responsibilities also include Lead Local Flood Authority and Highway Structures responsibilities.