Abro Engineering

We have worked in both private consultancies and in local authorities. This gives us the advantage of a deeper understanding of the processes within the different setups and help us deliver a tailored service to your requirments.

Haibat Abro

Haibat is a civil engineer with a lot of experience in place making and transport schemes. He is also member of the TAG National Transport Committee, providing expertise on vehicle swept path analyses.

He designed Van Gogh Walk, which has won several awards including CIHT Street Award 2014. His schemes such as Herne Hill and Bonnington Square have been published in various places as examples of good schemes. He has given presentations about his schems at CIHT and UDL events.

Currently he's working on a large scheme in Feltham involving complex level changes to accommodate widened roads and bridges.

In the beginning of his career, he started with building design and on-site construction supervision.

Hayden Tuck