Abro Engineering

Our main strength is in the quality of work we deliver. Our designs are not only functional, practical, and buildable, but we also put a lot of effort into visual aesthetics and geometric beauty. Schemes like Van Gogh Walk, Bonnington Square, Herne Hill, and Russell Grove stand as a testimonial, receiving recognition from both the professional bodies and general public.

We design complex projects in 3D, ensuring that all the design elements are accurate and buildable, slopes are reasonable in every part of the scheme and drainage works properly. We have developed bespoke software for design and analysis of slopes for working in urban situations where existing geometric constrains mean that general design standards cannot be applied.

We have delivered innovation and invention within our projects for improvements and problem solving. Haibat invented a new type of hinge mechanism to let a heavy gate open on sloping ground in Herne Hill project. His innovations include subsurface irrigation of street trees and plants by surface water, green traffic calming measures, and natural stone bespoke street furniture that incorporates play features for children.